First Down (August 19, 2018)

Dear Friends,

One of the many blessings of our parish is the Youth/Young Adult Mass on Sundays at 5pm. We have great participation of Youth who minister at that Mass through Proclamation of God’s Word, Hospitality, Music Ministry, Eucharistic Ministers and other ways to serve the community. We love when our older community members are present at that Mass, many have been going for years, as it really gives hope to our future that young people are active and serving God’s people.

This time of year is special for me as we have young adults who have called St. Patrick their spiritual home are ready to go or return to college. Over the years I have invited these young adults to gather at the altar with me during the Eucharistic Prayer. It gives witness to the community that we can pray for them as they head to college. I also love reminding the community that the large number of college students represents a large amount of money being invested in them. Tens of thousands of dollars! That is a lot of money for sure. We are reminded that living in such an abundant area of the valley, our students have access to some of the best colleges and universities around the world. Many of our young people have been blessed and are blessed now with great education. I would pray that the knowledge they obtain will be used in ways that serve all people.

We love hearing stories that our young people find Catholic parishes or Newman Centers where they spiritually can grow and serve. That is good news when Catholic research has revealed that about 80 per cent of Catholic youth as sophomores in college walk away from the practice of the faith. Those are very scary numbers.

So, I ask the parish community to join me in praying for all our young people going off to college. We look forward to a good number of them returning at Christmas time and say how much they miss our Masses, our parish and how grateful they are for their faith.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric