First Down (August 12, 2018)

Dear Friends,

Human relationships are complex and can take much time and energy to bring about peace, harmony and growth. We all know relationships are not always easy. At times we can be tempted to take short cuts and bypass relationships in order to accomplish or do things that we feel need to be done. Misunderstandings, hurt feelings or a complete disconnect, can be the result of not seeking to work through relationships. It is hard work and sometimes the easier path is just to avoid having to deal with people.

As Christians, relationships are at the heart of who we claim to be. Jesus does take a path that leads him and all his followers to encounter people and to live the commandment to love one another. This community is part of a neighborhood and the community of Scottsdale. This means that the path of developing understanding and following procedures that are approved by the community of Scottsdale are important things to do. Not always easy but necessary.

The Parish Community will be asked to support and/or gather for a Design Review Board Meeting on August 16, at 12:30 pm at City Hall. It will be an opportunity to tell our story to neighbors and the city of who we are and all that we do, not only for Catholics, but for all people who are Scottsdale citizens, and all people across the valley.

Our story is that we need space to gather, for people who seek community, the Lord, comfort and encouragement. We need more space for our children, our youth and all adults who come to be spiritually fed and then go out into Scottsdale to be good citizens. Our expanded space is also for many types of groups and organizations that help the vulnerable and needy throughout the state. One can simply look at our yearly calendar and see all the different groups, Catholic and others, who do good works that are welcomed on our grounds, and then sent out to make a difference in the world.

Please join me and other parishioners for this important meeting. It is an important step to insure that our master plan is approved, so that we may move forward to use our expanded space to meet the many needs of the people here and beyond.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric