A Message from Fr. Eric

Dear Friends,

There is much to pray for at this critical time…

  • For our country dealing with the challenges of racism,
    discrimination, the denial of human dignity, that people be
    protected during protests.
  • That the ears and hearts of all people are open to the true stories
    of people’s personal stories of pain, suffering, injustice and living
    with fear.
  • For all elected officials that the same Spirit given to the Apostles
    may offer real wisdom, the gift to speak truth, to hear the cries of
    those hurting to develop policies that heal and unite and offer
    dignity to every person.

We also include the prayers at Mass and, as always, those prayers deep within the hearts of all who participate in this weekend’s liturgy.

The Acts of the Apostles, this weekend’s first reading, reminds us that the Holy Spirit comes to every nation and speaks to every tongue.

God’s love and mercy is for every living person.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric Tellez,