First Down with Fr. Eric (May 16, 2021)

Dear Friends,

One of the most powerful blessings of belonging to a community is there is an opportunity to experience that people can and do care for others.

One way that is a very visible sign at our parish is the many parishioners who constantly bring non-perishable food items to the parish and place them in our green bins. As people go about their daily lives, they remember others who might be struggling to get food on their tables. It is a simple, quiet act in terms of people simply placing the food in the bins. When the food is taken to the different agencies we support, it is a big sign to others. The ability to help those who are hungry and need assistance is the added benefit of belonging to a community.

To those who constantly bring their gifts, to those who give financially to such organizations to support their mission, and to those who make a commitment to take the food to the agencies, we are all grateful. Through your generosity and gift of food, St. Patrick has been able to reach out and deliver food to a wider population of organizations throughout the Valley including: Vista Del Camino, Paz de Cristo, Native American Connections, St. Mary’s Food Bank, Desert Mission Food Bank, Phoenix Rescue Mission, and Family Promise.

To all parishioners, this has been going on for many years, and if you have not been aware of this act of charity, please consider being a part of helping to feed the hungry.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric