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Positivity in a Pandemic (The Conversation Podcast)

Brian Cannon, or Coordinator of Evangelization and Family life sits down for a conversation with Jill McMahon. Jill is a licensed professional counselor, who for the last 17 years has specialized in working with survivors of suicide and generalized grief. She is also a wife, mother, and parishioner of our parish and has spoken at Home Field Advantage, youth ministry programs, and more. The last time she was on a podcast with us, we focused on the increasing depression and anxiety experienced by our youth in a time where our community was recognizing an increase in suicides among our youth. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we face new issues, especially as we look at the mental health of our communities during this time. Jill and Brian talk about these challenges, touching on all areas from its effect on the family, children, youth, adults, seniors, care givers, ministers and clergy. From ideas to practical advice you can put in practice right away, the conversation reminds us to be united, to share positivity in a pandemic, and to look for genuine encounter moments. Welcome to the Conversation…

Cyber Security in a Safe Environment (Erin Gibbs from the FBI)

We want to thank parishioner Erin Gibbs, who works in cyber security for the FBI, for speaking to our ministers who need to take our Safe Environment training. There are some ministers who are struggling with giving their personal information. Erin is a parishioner who has taken the Safe Environment training and has investigated the company that is used and she was able to walk everyone through the process and provide good information.

Home Field Advantage 2020 (Podcasts & Resources)

Great teams know what it means to have a home field advantage. We built ours by strengthening the pillars of our community – Hospitality, Liturgy, Stewardship, Social Justice, and Formation – through engaging talks and workshops. This half day conference was a time to build our home field advantage.

Becky Eldredge delivered an amazing keynote address and shared great resources with all of us. Click here to be directed to her resource page. Use the player below to listen to her keynote.

Our first breakout sessions focused on being “Grounded in Prayer.” Use the players below to listen to all the sessions.

Our second breakout sessions focused on being “Grounded in Mission.” Use the players below to listen to those sessions.

Please click here to fill out the 2020 evaluation if you have not already, and we will see you next year!

Ed and Ed Reinhardt (from the Men’s Mass and Breakfast in September 2019)

Hear an amazing story from Ed Sr. & Ed Jr. Reinhardt. Former University of Colorado football star, Ed Reinhardt Jr. suffered a near-fatal brain injury during a game against the Oregon Ducks in Sept. 1984. He was in a coma for 62 days. Doctors called his survival a miracle. Throughout his years of recovery, Ed developed an inspirational singing talent and brings a message of hope to audiences across the country. Ed travels with his father, Ed Sr. who speaks about how his son’s journey has helped him strengthen his faith, forgive, and rebuild a broken relationship with his own father and solidify the bond between Ed, himself and the rest of the family.