Posted on: Nov 12, 2022

I am fascinated by rhythms - the ebb and flow of things. I think I finally have the rhythm of the best time to plant tomatoes here in Arizona (never!). There is a rhythm in academia, sports, elections, families, holidays and even in our life and church life.

The rhythm of the church is winding down our liturgical year with the Feast of Christ the King on Sunday, November 20 and we will celebrate the beginning of the new liturgical year with the first Sunday of Advent on Sunday, November 27. Our liturgical year follows the life and death of Jesus Christ. Advent we proclaim the birth of Jesus and follow him to the cross of Lent, resurrection at Easter, the birth of the church at Pentecost and finally proclaiming Christ is the Lord of our life and King of Glory on Christ the King. Then the rhythm starts all over again.

You might notice that the readings we hear at Mass now through the end of the liturgical year are focusing on the end times. In the words of Fr. Eric…”the answer to any question is death and resurrection”. How many times have you heard him say that? If you didn’t believe him before, maybe you will see this rhythm in your own life this year!

The past few weeks our parish life has witnessed to death and resurrection in so many ways. Beginning with the October 29 Family Mass. There were more young children at the Saturday evening Mass than I have ever seen at that Mass! Fr. Eric invited them all to sit up around the altar for the homily. The energy and passion of our little ones was palatable! You could feel the spirit! Then at the same time all around the altar were the photos of our deceased family and friends. A beautiful contrast of death and resurrection.

Halloween/All Saints’/All Souls’ Day couldn’t be a clearer sign of the rhythm of death and resurrection. And I bet you didn’t think about this, our Fall Festival has only been around for two years. It was birthed out of COVID and was our first parish wide event after COVID. What was a death experience figuratively and literally brought new life. By the way….Fall Festival was a great success!

I am reminded that there is death and resurrection all around me every day all the time.

Death and resurrection IS the miracle of our faith - when you are looking for God and wondering if God is present in your life, look for death and I bet resurrection is right around the corner. Wherever you find this rhythm you will find the living God ever present.

I challenge you to look for death and resurrection experiences this week in your home, family, work, outside activities and share the miracle story with one person this week.

Peace and blessings, Mary

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Mary Permoda
Director of Pastoral Activities
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