First Down with Fr. Eric (November 20, 2022)

Posted on: Nov 16, 2022

Dear Friends,  

This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and it traditionally begins the feeling of the holidays. It is good that our country calls it Thanksgiving Day and that many people make plans to gather for the meal or for a few days to visit and reconnect. It is a huge travel time as people want to gather and celebrate.  

For many this is a time for looking forward to being with family, friends and special people. It is a good time of year for them. For others it can be a very challenging time. The dynamics of family relationships can be complicated and bring out those going through a difficult time. For others it is a time of loneliness as their loved ones are no longer with them and the holidays can be a painful experience.  

I would ask that we do two things this week. One is to honor those who are excited about gathering, relationships, celebrating this time of year. We can feel joy for them and it is central to being a full human being. Secondly, let us remember those who find it a challenge to be present to others during these holidays. We ask God to fill them up with patience, understanding and the blessings of presence to those we find a challenge to be with. May they rise above pain and sorrow that can be present at those moments.  

I invite everyone to remember this Thursday on Thanksgiving Day that no matter what situation we find ourselves, we all can be thankful to God for blessings and His love for us. This week can be rooted with the understanding that nothing can separate us from being grateful for blessings received. May the Spirit of God remind us that each one of us can be grateful for everything good in our lives at this very moment.  

Happy Thanksgiving from myself and the entire parish staff to all of you. 

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric

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