First Down with Fr. Eric

Posted on: Aug 21, 2022

Dear Friends,  

Greeting people after Masses is an opportunity to meet people from many places. People tell me they found out about St. Patrick through family or friends who happen to come to Mass here. What I have noticed for some time now, are the number of people who visit St. Patrick and have told me they have been following our Sunday Masses online. I also hear from parishioners who are not able to make it every week for serious reasons, and they appreciate the Mass online on the weeks they can not be present with us. To be online with our Masses and other presentations that we offer touches many lives. I hear it first hand just about every week. 

When the pandemic first began we had our Sunday Masses put on DVD’s to send to the prisons when no one was allowed to visit the prisoners. I wondered if it really reached anyone or made a difference. Months later, I have come across some who were released from prison and told me how our Masses helped them. Our Director for Prison Ministries at the Diocese has told us it has made a difference as well. This reminds us that we never really know if our online outreach makes a difference, and all I can share is that it has made a difference to many people.

The Mass is available to all types of people, the shut-ins, those who travel, those searching for a God experience. Our offering simply provides an opportunity to connect with God and even our community.

We will continue to offer the online Mass and the hope is, through that viewing, it can lead people to know their presence at Masses can happen again whenever that is possible for them or when the Spirit touches their hearts to know it is important to be with others. 

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric 

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