Holy Week 2020

As we enter into this sacred time, we have a page providing information, resources and more to help you celebrate Holy Week at home. 

Welcome to St. Patrick!

We’re glad that you are here! We seek to be a community of Christian Disciples in Mission who gather to hear the Word of God, feast at the table of the Lord, and be sent forth empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Grounded in Prayer & Mission

As we celebrate 40 years as a community, our challenge this year is this: let’s engage in this theme together. Let’s find ways to ground ourselves in prayer and through that prayer, discover new ways to live as Christian Disciples in Mission.

Connect through Podcasts


Listen to Becky Eldredge’s Keynote address for this year’s Home Field Advantage Adult Formation Conference.

Featured Video

Sunday Mass: The 5th Sunday of Lent (March 29, 2020)

Pastor’s Corner

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