Welcome to St. Patrick!

We’re glad that you are here! We seek to be a community of Christian Disciples in Mission who gather to hear the Word of God, feast at the table of the Lord, and be sent forth empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Grounded in Prayer & Mission

As we celebrate 40 years as a community, our challenge this year is this: let’s engage in this theme together. Let’s find ways to ground ourselves in prayer and through that prayer, discover new ways to live as Christian Disciples in Mission.

We are Christian Disciples in Mission

We walk together to deepen our relationship with God. We invite everyone to simply come and see what it means to follow Jesus Christ by living with a community of believers.

We are Living Beyond Sunday

Our Catholic faith is at it’s best when we encounter people with an openness to hear their stories, see God already working in their lives, and ,without judgement, invite them into a spiritual home.

We are Glad You are Here!

Being created by God means that one discovers they belong to God’s family. We do not see our Sacraments as a reward for good behavior, but rather as means for healing and nourishment for one on life’s long journey.

Connect through Podcasts


Liturgy is meant to bring in all areas of our lives, not run away from it… Our country mourns more gun violence deaths. Fr. Eric threw away his prepared homily to talk about the recent shootings. Please listen with an open heart.

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Who are we? Watch this video and learn about our community. 

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