Prison Ministry

Visiting the Imprisoned & Working for Justice

Prison Ministry is rooted in a deep and total recognition of the humanity in each and every person. As Christians, we take a strong stance against all injustice that degrades that value God has given us by calling us daughters and sons, created in God’s likeness. The goals of Prison Ministry at St. Patrick is twofold: acknowledge the humanity and need for hope and God’s love of those in prison and work for justice through education, action, and empowerment in our voices and votes.


The Conference of Catholic Bishops use the analogy of “two feet” when speaking of our work as being both a ministry of charity and a ministry of justice. Just as we walk with both of our feet in unison, the Bishops suggest that our actions and efforts as Christian disciples should be holistic and intentional through these two areas. We follow the rich treasure that is the Social Teaching of our faith as we navigate the many areas in which light can be brought into the darkness of prisons — always empowered by the Spirit to carry the hope of Jesus as we walk to enact change.


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