Minister of the Word – Training

1. Order of the Mass

Step-by-step, detailed description of the actions and movements of the lectors at Sunday Mass.

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2. Training Schedule

Lectors are required to attend the twice-a-year training meetings.

Typically, the spring training session is also a Ministry Social Gathering, incorporating a potluck dinner and a review of the year. The fall session usually features a presentation on topics of liturgical interest.


  • Fall 2016:  Sunday, November 6, 2:30-4:00  and Wednesday, November 16, 7:00-8:30

3. The Scheduling Process

How are lectors scheduled. When are they scheduled. What are the policies that govern lector scheduling. click here to download document

4. The Substitution Process

We have found, the best and most effective way of getting a sub is by asking Greg to get one for you. St. Patrick’s is blessed to have a full stable of eager lectors.

There is a procedure that works most effectively. We kindly ask you to follow that procedure.

Contact Greg Michalowski (gregmichalowski(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) during the week of your assignment only. The easiest way to find a willing replacement is to offer it to the substitutes within the week of the need. So please don’t request a sub 4 weeks, 3 weeks or even 10 days in advance. If it is Sunday of your assignment week, send the email request.

Once Greg responds with his acknowledgement of your need, you need not worry. Your replacement will be found.

Remember: Do not contact him weeks in advance! Do not contact him the day of the assignment!

If you know well in advance that you cannot honor an assignment, please try to swap assignments. In this case, let both Ed Krall and Greg Michalowski of the switch. This way, the online schedule will be changed to reflection the switch.

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5. Useful Links

Substitution Process — Frequently Asked Questions

In need of finding a Substitute Lector? These FAQs will help you.


Do I need to find a substitute if I can’t make my assignment?

No. St. Patrick’s is blessed with a full stable of substitute lectors who are eager to lector. So if you find yourself in need of a replacement, simply contact our lector substitute coordinator – Greg Michalowski gregmichalowski(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or cell 602-540-0499 – and he will take care of your request.

When should I contact him?

The week of your assignment ONLY. Greg has found the easiest way to manage the sub requests is to do it during the week you are scheduled. People simply do not want to commit for 8:00 Mass three weeks from now. They will commit if it is on Sunday though. So save the sub requests for the week of your assignment please.

But what if I am afraid I will forget to ask during my assignment week?

The scheduled is set up weeks in advance. Go through the schedule, find your assignments, and set up a reminder on your smartphone. Don’t have a smartphone? That is ok, as long as you check your email? On the week of your scheduled assignment Greg will send out a reminder email to those lectoring that week. If you get an email that says “You are scheduled to lector this weekend” (or some variation of that), it will instantly remind you that you need to request a substitute. Hit , ask for a substitute and you are all covered. Easy. If that is not possible (you may be on some remote island), then let Greg know – even weeks in advance – and he will set it up on his phone (or figure some other reminder mechanism). We are Catholic Christians after all.

Can I find my own substitute?

If you want to “ask a friend or two”, ok, but please do not send out an blanket email to the entire lector community asking for a substitute. First, we try to monitor the substitute assignments. Second, (and this is IMPORTANT), we REALLY want sub assignments to go to those lectors on the substitute list. After all, they want to lector too. Third, if everyone did that, lectors may start ignoring important lector emails. As lector substitute coordinator, Greg Michalowski is authorized to be an “emailer” for the lector community. By doing this, we hope you as a lector actually open up his emails. It may contain important information you might find useful. He may ask for prayers from time to time, but he will not SPAM you with jokes or political commentary, etc. PS never use the lector mailing list for those purposes PLEASE..

What if I wake up on Saturday or Sunday and I am sick (or have some other emergency)?

Email, call, and text Greg. Greg’s cell is 602-540-0499. Please include all the details of your assignment in the text including your name!. If you DON’T hear his voice, get a reply text message, or reply email (he may be on an island himself), the next best thing is to look at the reminder email, and email/contact the other lectors for your scheduled mass. This way, they know to look for a substitute ASAP. If you can phone a friend, you can try that too. Honestly though, Greg is the easiest alternative as he has all the contacts handy. So do all you can to contact him, and then get back in bed and get yourself better. PS. a voice message does not qualify as successfully getting in touch with Greg. You know how voice messages don’t always get listened to in a timely manner.

What if I switched with my lector buddy? Do I need to do anything?

YES. Contact Greg and Ed Krall via email and let them know the details of the switch. Why? They will change the schedule on the St. Patricks website to reflect the switch. This way, Greg will send the reminder email to the right lectors in the right week. We do all we can to make sure people don’t forget their assignments. Switches tend to have a greater chance of being forgotten especially if they are done weeks in advance. So just let us know. .

Can I solicit for a switch with the entire lector community?

Let me ask you, do you want to get a bunch of switch request emails from a bunch of random lectors? No? Then don’t do it either. Phone or email a friend or two or three. Look at the schedule too and see what makes logical sense, but don’t email everyone!

Is there a “best practice for switches?

Let’s say Mary has 10:30 L3 assignment but knows she cannot attend that mass because of a 12 o’clock soccer match. She can ask for a sub and get one, or she can email Joe who has the 8:00 L3 assignment and ask him if he would switch. She may get lucky. But be sure to do it early in the week.

Other switch thoughts….

Don’t try last minute switches i.e. if you are trying to switch on a Friday or even Thursday. Remember, the sub coordinator does need some time to find a replacement. So if it is Friday and something comes up, forego the assignment this time and just ask for a substitute instead.

We do have a stable of lector substitutes who would love your assignment too. So if you can’t make 8:00 mass but would gladly switch with a 10:30 lector, instead of switching, offer a bone to the subs on the bench.