Not All Bandwagons are Bad (by Adam Stein)

You don’t need to have spent any time on the roads over the last month to notice the ever growing bandwagon on the streets of Arizona. We are suddenly a basketball town again, and everyone surely enjoys the ride…including me! GO SUNS!!! (Younger me, wrapped in my purple and orange blankie with Charles Barkley & Kevin Johnson posters on his wall just got really excited to read older me saying this.)

If you know (older) me (or listened to any of the “Ask a Father” podcasts Brian Cannon and I made for the parish), you know that watching NBA basketball is just not my thing. Do I want to see the Suns win? OF COURSE! Younger me is still inside somewhere. Now, I just typically want to see them win in the form of highlights only or maybe the last 5-10 minutes of the 4th quarter. However, full disclosure, I have fully jumped back on the bandwagon and I actually watched a few full 2nd halves of the conference semi-final and conference final games! “Playoffs” must have been the key word.

In our Gospel today, we see a bandwagon forming around Jesus. The word is getting out and people want to see for themselves. They want to be a part of the action. They want to be a part of the story. The woman with the hemorrhages reaches out to Jesus, and is healed. The family of the little girl reaches out to Jesus, and he restores life where there was death. Jesus welcomed them onto the bandwagon and answered their desire by revealing his own desire to care for them, to restore them, and to make them whole.

Who wouldn’t want to be on that bandwagon?

If we got off, let’s get back on that bandwagon (Jesus is always there to welcome us). If we are on, let’s never leave. This bandwagon is special. It is a parade of love. We are part of the story. His bandwagon is ours. We are created in his image, signs of his love. We are part of the action, continuing God’s presence in the world today. Go team, go.