Few of us would naturally place these words together. Is there anyone who doesn’t immediately associate being grounded with punishment for bad behavior? Time to set that aside for a while. This year for St. Patrick Catholic Community, “grounded” will be a way for us to respond to the pervasive busyness that all of us experience. We know that our busyness often has a stranglehold on our lives. Some psychologists have even labeled our busyness as an addiction. When we are grounded in prayer and mission we find ourselves on solid footing, we move with Love into action. Our connection to God through our prayer compels us to walk with one foot of Social Justice and the other foot of Charitable Works. As our faith leads us to act in love, these loving actions change us and give us new insights, leading to new spiritual growth. We do not act and grow alone, but only together in community as Christian Disciples in mission.

Throughout the year we will be offering resources and events to help you be “Grounded in Prayer and Mission.” (Books, Bible Studies, Formation Programs, Prayer Experiences and more) As we celebrate 40 years as a community, our challenge this year is this: let’s engage in this theme together. Let’s find ways to ground ourselves in prayer and through that prayer, discover new ways to live as Christian Disciples in Mission.