First Down with Fr. Eric (January 9, 2022)

Dear Friends,

As our Christmas season comes to an end in our Catholic family, I want to offer my thanks to everyone who came forward and served the community in helping people experience a special Christmas celebration. These Christmas rituals take a lot of effort to welcome people and help the experience be uplifting, safe and inspiring. The willingness of a number of parishioners to step forward was a gift to the many who came to the parish for Advent/Christmas.

This time of year finds many parishioners and many others throughout the Valley offering charity to people in need. The beauty of this time of year is that the spirit of generosity, self giving and caring for others, is always a great witness to the joy of our humanity. So many people gave generously. And to our staff and ministry members who worked hard to gather and distribute the gifts to those in need. It is vital for people to receive their gifts.

I want to also thank our Parish Staff. For many years our staff has met many challenges of offering events and meeting the needs of the parish. The challenge is that the staff goes from one event to the next event or season. There is a cycle to the life of the Church and our staff does an excellent job in helping our events and efforts be productive.

Offering blessings to everyone at this time as we now move into the beginning of another year.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric