First Down with Fr. Eric (January 26, 2020)

Dear Friends,

It is really not possible for anyone to know everything that is happening at St. Patrick. One can wonder if our Catholic community is in relationship with other Christian denominations/communities. The answer would be yes.

This Thursday the parish will be hosting its annual Interfaith Breakfast in Fenlon Hospitality Center. We invite clergy, staff members and church members to join us for breakfast and a presentation that builds relationships and working in ministry together. Thanks to your support we can host this event and so many others free of charge. City and State Government meetings/conferences, Diocese meetings, non-profit organizations, among other groups use our facility, and also partner with St. Patrick in many areas.

Our recent Matthew 25 project of meeting the serious needs of asylum seekers involved working with other Christian communities. Valley Interfaith Project meets here as well. I personally attend those meetings when possible, and I find it life giving meeting clergy from other Christian families, and I am always reminded of how much we have in common.

St. Patrick and our Catholic faith cannot be an island, being isolated, doing its own ministry. We are called to work together with others. When we do, we see God working through many groups, many events and through many people. It honors the presence of God when we see Him in places that sometimes we might not think to look.

Thank you for your support in allowing such good things to happen here and beyond.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric