First Down with Fr. Eric (January 2, 2022)

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

As human beings, there is something about our lives that is special when we hit milestones; the milestones that we have completed another year, and that we are now in the midst of a new year. We can take time to reflect on this past year, the lessons we learned, the joys and sorrows we endured, and see where God was with us in all moments.

As we now enter the new year of 2022, I would offer one reflection to all parishioners that I think God would want us to do even better. It is to take better care of one another. The central call to following Jesus Christ is to love our neighbor. The actions of the disciples of Jesus is to make sure we do everything possible to protect, love and care for each other. That means dying to an individualism that only has concerns about oneself. We are to rise in making sure everything we do benefits those around us. From giving dignity to people we encounter, to responding to a need when people are hurting, to protecting the health of others. The Christian Disciple In Mission is reminded in God’s Word that the road to salvation is found in the way that we care for one another. We belong to the human family and Christianity can obtain an important role in the world only by one way: that we give evidence we see a connection to the human family and we care for every person in that family. It is by seeking to serve that we have a profound influence in our society.

I feel helpless many times in confronting the suffering of people from this past year. So many things are hurting people in many different ways. As I reflect on this past year, that is the one thought that I keep thinking about, that we belong to one another. We belong to the human family. And when we remember every action we take affects others, what decisions can we make this year that will be best for the common good.

My prayer today is not that this year is better than last year. Rather I pray that everyone does better in taking care of others. That is how we can begin to address the suffering and give a better hope to others.

Blessing and peace this New Year.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric