First Down with Fr. Eric (December 26, 2021)

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas Season!

What a blessing it was to be able to gather for the celebration of Christmas this year. We rejoice with everyone who came and partook at the table of the Lord, and we also are grateful to those who continue to view our Masses online.

The history of Christmas reveals to us the power of this deep mystery that has caused wars to stop for a while, reconciled relationships, and brought forward the best of our humanity in caring for each other. There is something about Christmas and our memories of Christmas that can open our hearts to care for others. We are surrounded by such brokenness in our world, now more visible than ever before, and we wonder who or what can save us from such selfish ways?

Today we remember it is the coming of Jesus who has come to save humanity from its own sins. To remind everyone, we have been created by God as good, we are all inherently good. Jesus and his teachings clearly show the path we can all follow, and be freed from behaviors that turn us outwardly ugly and cause pain in many hearts.

This Christmas season we recall the coming of Christ, God becoming one of us, loving us and showing us the way. To know the peace of Christ, we do not have to wait to die to experience it, we can do so now by making a choice to follow him. Those who do, are called disciples, and when we realize we are disciples of Jesus Christ, we remember we are in mission. I find great comfort in the mystery of Christmas, God saving us from all we are experiencing right now. In the end, the ways of God will prevail and Christmas reminds us that God is with us.

Blessings to everyone this Christmas Day and season as our Church celebrates Christmas the next two plus weeks.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric