First Down (November 25, 2018)

Dear Friends,

I saw my first Christmas commercial right after Halloween. KOOL-FM was the first radio station to start playing holiday music followed by KEZ 99.9FM. Both stations talked about people needing the uplifting of spirits with so much going on in our world. The ratings are very good for such music. Stores are setting up already for the holiday shopping season. Charities are working hard to meet the important needs of those who come for assistance. What this tells us is something is needed in the souls of people for comfort, uplifting spirit and reminding us of our better angels.

I wonder if there is any longing by people for God. What is going on in front of us is a longing of people for something more than what is before us, to connect, to find and to remember who we really are. So we Catholics see the situation, people are searching for something. Is it more than just shopping deals? Is it more than Holiday music? Is it more than planning where to spend Christmas?

I would say that Catholics can be great instruments of God by inviting people to come to Mass with them during the Advent/Christmas season. To bring people to God and help them remember the good things God brings to them. To reconnect with God, Eucharist, Jesus our Savior, to hear music and preaching that inspire and challenge. A shadow side of Catholics is we tend to make faith a private experience, not wanting to offend, be rejected or been seen as a strange religious person. We do not invite others as we ought.

Consider inviting someone you know or a family you know to come to Mass with you and make a meal experience afterwards. At that meal you might hear their experiences of what they think about God, the Church, that Fr. Eric talks too long or something that reminded them of a time they felt close to God.

Do not worry about being told no. Just simply invite. The goal is to simply bring them. When Jesus was asked by people who are you, what are you all about? Jesus simply said come and see. That is all we need to tell people who wonder what God, St. Patrick, our faith, our love of Jesus is, come and see. I hope this Advent/Christmas season you can try doing this.

Everyone is listening to Christmas music right now. Why, because they are longing for something. Is it God?

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric