First Down (June 17, 2018)

Dear Friends,

When we are young we think we have so much time before us, that what we are doing and are all about will last forever. As we get older our views on life change, we begin to realize our time of doing what we want to do is limited. Then that day comes when we say it is time to put a past way of life behind, and enter a new stage of life. This time has come for four parish staff members as they are entering into a new phase of life, retirement.

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to four people who have been part of our parish family for many years and to express gratitude for the gifts that each one brought to our community.

We say thank you to Maggie Seliga. I knew Maggie at my first assignment at St. Maria Goretti. Maggie is a woman with so many ideas for ministry. Maggie is creative and she adapts. She is filled with so many experiences of raising her own children and is able to use them to reach out to other families. Maggie expanded her role from Children’s Formation to Adult Christian Initiation and Ministry of Care among other ministries over her many years of service.

We say thank you to Tricia Hoyt. She is a woman whose gift of ministry and scholarly work on Scriptures has greatly blessed so many here. Tricia feeds our deep intellectual curiosity of God and the Church. Her ability to tell stories, to relate experiences and break open the Word of God has been a blessing. Over the many years she has helped develop skills with ministers who have gone out to the Church at large and shared their gifts with others.

We say thank you to Diane Gilles. Diane has been with our parish for over 20+years. Working behind the scenes Diane has worked with different Formation Directors and Coordinators to make sure events and preparations were completed. She has seen our parish grow from one small building into what we have become today. She has been able to adjust from the needs of a smaller parish to one that places great demands on our resources and time.

We thank Margie Heckman. Margie has helped our technology support grow over the many years. At the time she arrived to start helping, she helped the parish navigate from simple beginnings with our computers/technology to one that is still growing to meet the demands of our staff and buildings. For IT people who work in the background, it is difficult for some people to see how things come about and grow. As for Margie, she helped solve some big challenges for us.

We honored each one of the ladies at a dinner on Friday, but I wanted to express my gratitude and thanksgiving for all they have done for our parish family and for the many years of service. I hope each one continues to know they are still part of our family as they go on new paths in their own lives.

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric