First Down (December 24, 2017)

Dear Friends,

There is an old saying that we may be familiar with, “Everything they touch seems to turn to gold”. This statement says, whatever this person does seems to really work and is seen as great or successful. It is really the person’s influence that makes people notice.

At Christmas we see God touch humanity by the mystery of becoming human and living among us. It is called the Incarnation, God taking on the form of human flesh. Such a mystery has reminded us that what God touches becomes sacred. Everything that God touches has life and is meant to be valued and cherished. We recall the creation story in the Book of Genesis where God creates humanity and finds it to be good.

That is right; we are good. We miss the mark when we use the excuse, “Well, I am only human.” Usually that means that we made a mistake and then use our humanity to excuse our poor actions. According to God, it is not His intention for us to see our- selves in that way.

This Christmas season we do recall the historical act of Jesus being fully human here on earth. He experienced everything that we experience as humans. Even though He did not sin, He was tempted; He suffered; He needed to learn to trust and He did not know everything that was about to happen. He needed to trust the Father, just as we do right now.

The best Christmas gift we can give ourselves is learning to see our humanity in a light that we are sacred. This means our entire being belongs to God. We are loved and cherished by God, not because we want to spread good cheer and feelings, rather, because the powerful Word that comes from God, Jesus Christ has told us and shown us.

You are sacred. Your life is sacred, because God has touched our humanity. So the next time we are tempted to use our humanity as an excuse that we failed or missed the mark, we remember that our humanity is good, sacred and cherished by God. He is the one that heals and lifts us up.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Peace in Christ,

Fr. Eric