Daily Readings

Mass Readings and Scripture

As Catholics, the scriptures play a vital role in our life as disciples of Jesus. The scriptures give us a clear lens into the life, ministry, and actions of Jesus — constantly inspiring and challenging us to grow closer to God.

Below you will find the complete readings used at Mass today all over the world. If you scroll down you can find the readings for the rest of the week. Try looking over the readings before you come to mass… it will help you draw closer to what God is trying to tell you!

Scripture Readings

Follow along with the daily mass readings by using the links below. The first is from the Catholic Bishops and includes the readings of the day. The second link is for the Liturgy of the Hours – a form of scripture based, daily prayer, and the third is for the entire Bible in the Catholic translation we use at mass.

Mass Reading of the Day – USCCB Liturgy of the Hours Readings Full New American Bible Online

Resources for Scripture

There are many great resources for reflecting, praying, and studying with scripture. The following resources can help you dive deeper into the meaning of the passages. These are a great way to study before attending mass!

Daily Reflections from Creighton University
Click to Read

Daily Video Reflections from the USCCB 
Recorded every day Click Here to Watch

Sunday Scripture Reflections from St. Louis University
Readings, Reflections, Music and More Click to View

Word Among Us Daily Reflections
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For Parents: CatholicMoms Sunday Mass Resources
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Documents and Articles

New American Bible Online
Fr. Barron on Reading the Bible (Video)

Dei Verbum
Document from Vatican 2 that guides the way Catholics read scripture
Click to Read  |  Read a Summary

How Does a Catholic Read the Bible? By Fr. James Martin
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How to Start Reading the Bible By Mark Hart
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